Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Social Sciences

Comprehensive breast cancer research goes beyond the physical to look at how mental health, lifestyle, and behaviors play roles in breast cancer incidence, detection, outcomes, and more.


Social scientists at the Braman Family Breast Cancer Institute at Sylvester look at the epidemiology of breast cancer, studying such topics as social barriers to clinical trials entry and what helps determine survivorship in a multi-ethnic breast cancer population. Psychosocial issues play roles in breast cancer and we look at those, as well. For example, our scientists have studied how women find benefit (personal growth) during the experience of breast cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Psychosocial Support Research

The Braman Institute’s team of social scientists study patient risks and behaviors to optimize breast cancer care. Their work includes the study of breast cancer patients in different ethnic communities to better understand how to educate our culturally diverse population about breast cancer screening, access to care, and to improve early diagnosis.

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Braman Institute-Affiliated Social Scientists

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