Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research: Bone & Soft Tissue Sarcomas

The standard treatments for sarcomas have been used since the 1970s. Although they can help many patients, these chemotherapies have significant side effects, and we desperately need new treatment options for patients whose tumors do not respond to standard therapies. At Sylvester, we are passionate about incorporating well-designed, patient-relevant research studies into our discussion of treatment options with our patients whenever possible. It is only through research that new treatments and ideas can be tested. When patients agree to treatment with a research protocol, they will also receive additional support from our research nurses and coordinators. Listed below are the current active and pending clinical trials that may be appropriate for sarcoma patients to consider.

Each sarcoma patient is offered the opportunity to enroll in our sarcoma tissue bank and registry. Patients may sign informed consent to allow their sarcoma tissue, blood samples, and treatment information to be stored in an anonymous database for use in research. As part of our mission to further our understanding of sarcomas, we are also expanding our use of genetic testing. In the near future, consenting sarcoma patients can have their tumor tissue submitted for sequencing, to detect the “mistakes” in the genetic code driving the tumor growth. Any identified mistakes may be used to direct patients to clinical trials specific for those abnormalities. Additionally, this data will be collected and maintained in the sarcoma databases for future analysis.

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