Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research: Bone & Soft Tissue Cancers

Translating research breakthroughs into more effective treatments for bone and soft tissue cancers remains one of Sylvester’s highest priorities. Clinical trials – research studies used to answer specific questions about new therapies or new ways of using known therapies – allow patients to participate in the newest treatments in development. For more information about clinical trials, visit the Clinical Trials section or call Sylvester’s Information Center at 305-243-1000 or 800-545-2292.

Among Sylvester’s innovative research projects is the search for an improved therapy for chondrosarcoma, which can currently only be treated with surgery. To expand treatment options for this cancer, scientists at Sylvester are focused on understanding how a tumor cell crawls through tissue to begin the process of metastasis. Developing a therapy to interrupt the spread of this process will be a major step in the battle against cancer.

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