Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Pancreatic & Liver Cancers

Treatment & Diagnosis

Pancreatic Cancer

The three main types of treatment for pancreatic cancer are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Depending on the stage of the cancer, some of these treatments may be combined. In addition, drugs (besides chemotherapy) can be helpful.

Liver Cancer

Treatment for liver cancer is based on several factors including a patient’s overall health and medical history, the severity of the disease, and other individual factors. Treatment may include:

Partial hepatectomy

Surgery to remove part of the liver is called partial hepatectomy. This operation is only attempted if all of the tumor can be removed while leaving enough healthy liver behind to function. Unfortunately, complete removal of most liver cancers is not possible. Often times the cancer has spread beyond the liver in other parts of the body, or the patient is not healthy enough for surgery.

Liver transplant

When it is available, a liver transplant has become the best option for some people with small liver cancers. liver transplants are reserved for those with small tumors (either 1 tumor smaller than 5 cm or 1 to 3 tumors no larger than 3 cm) that cannot be totally removed, either because of the location of the tumors or because the liver is too diseased for the patient to withstand removing part of it.

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