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Mark S. Soloway, M.D.

General Information

Mark S. Soloway, M.D.


  • English


  • American Board of Urology


  • Urology


  • Professor and Chairman Emeritus

Clinical Interests

Urologic oncology

Research Interests

Urologic oncology


Northwestern University
Case Western Reserve Medical School
Case Western Reserve Medical School
National Cancer Institute/National Institute of Health


Mark Soloway, MD is a board certified urologist. He is the chairperson for the 2012 International Consultation of Urologic Diseases recommendations on bladder cancer and has had the distinction since 2004. The worldwide recommendations for all aspects of bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment were compiled by an international faculty of experts and presented at an International Urology Meeting and subsequently published in a book.

In 2012, Dr. Soloway was honored with an honorary degree by the University of Athens, Greece for his contributions to Urology. Some of his contributions to urologic cancer have been the introduction of the use of local anesthesia for prostate biopsy. Prior to 2000 this was not performed and now is routine with over 1 million biopsies performed every year in the US.

Dr. Soloway has been instrumental in advocating the use of intravesical chemotherapy (placing chemotherapy into the bladder) to prevent recurrent bladder cancer. He has authored over 500 publications in prostate, bladder, and kidney cancer.

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