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Clinical Breast Cancer Research Fellowship

Program Director

Marc E. Lippman MD, MACP FRCP
Leonard M. Miller Professor of Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Deputy Director, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
Ph. 305-243-9122

Marc E. Lippman, M.D. announces the availability of two clinical breast cancer research fellowship awards annually as of July 2017. Dr. Lippman serves as the Program Director.

The last several decades of research have resulted in enormous progress in the elucidation of molecular mechanisms underlying human breast cancer. Although some of this information is beginning to influence breast cancer patient care through refinement of prognostic tools, and the development of molecular-based therapies, many molecular findings have not yet been directed to breast cancer patient care. New training opportunities are required to generate academic breast physicians versed in the design and execution of clinical research to apply new knowledge across different clinical and scientific disciplines to breast cancer care and diagnosis.

The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and its Breast Cancer Program and Breast Cancer Site Disease Group brings together some of the most distinguished and talented physician-scientists and clinical researchers in America. All clinical disciplines are represented by nationally recognized leaders in their respective disciplines. All work together in a series of coherently organized research groups, clinical interdisciplinary venues and educationally coordinated activities. We believe this is an outstanding infrastructure in which individuals with a commitment to academic breast cancer studies can optimally complete their academic education and equip themselves for successful careers as leaders in the field.
These fellowships provide physicians who have completed sub-specialty training the opportunity to further develop academic expertise in breast cancer care and clinical research.

Training Overview
Each CBCRF will, together with an assigned mentor, design an individualized series of clinical rotations in breast cancer sub-specialties (surgical oncology; radiological oncology; medical oncology; pathology; imaging). Up to 80 percent of a Fellow’s time will be dedicated to clinical research; up to 30 percent will be spent in refining clinical sub-specialty skills. This comprehensive clinical research sub-specialty training will foster transfer research findings from the laboratory to the clinic, or vice versa.

A steering committee, composed of faculty of the BC program and Sylvester faculty will oversee the structure and ongoing evaluation of the fellowship program. Fellows will be chosen by a similarly composed adjudication committee.

Criteria for acceptance into the program will include demonstrated academic and research accomplishment, motivation, and potential for future contribution to translational breast cancer research.

C B C R F Application Process

The following are required:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Details undergraduate, graduate, and professional education; include past internships, residencies, fellowships and other professional work history; summarize received honors, scholarships, grants and memberships; include research experience and publications
  • Personal Statement (1 page) – Discuss your interest in this clinical breast cancer care sub-specialty, your interest in our program and professional goals.
  • Medical School Diploma – Must send documentation of MD and of further sub-specialty training; International Medical Graduates: degrees and diplomas must have certified English translations.
  • References: have three referees send letters on your behalf to the CBCRF Program Director. One must be from current residency/fellowship director.
  • USMLE Score Reports – Send photocopies of your official report for all steps taken to date.
  • ECFMG Certificate (photocopy – IMG only)


Please send all materials to:

Due to the high number of applications, we strongly encourage you to submit your materials as soon as possible.

Interviews are typically booked between mid-January and mid-March.

Please see Request for Applications at

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