Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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What We Do


Global Oncology Fellowship

  • Provides a fellowship opportunity to a physician from a LMIC in Latin America and the Caribbean to further their training in global oncology at the University of Miami Health System for a one-year period.

Inbound Educational Experiences

  • Provides physicians, medical students, nurses, and hospital administrators from a LMIC in Latin America and the Caribbean to train in global oncology from anywhere to a week to three months in the form of observerships, preceptorships, and short fellowships.

Outbound Education Experiences

  • Sylvester physicians engage with institutions, hospital systems, and governments abroad in providing continuing medical education in the form of remote lectures and visiting professorships abroad


Global Oncology Innovation Grant

  • An internal, multidisciplinary competition available to three promising investigators at $25,000 each. All are eligible to apply, however, junior faculty (associate or assistant professors), postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students are highly encouraged. The purpose of the grant is to further discovery of new knowledge or knowledge implementation in advancing health systems, outcomes, and economics research related to cancer control in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Facilitation of research both within the University of Miami and our partners abroad in the areas of developing cancer registries, determining the biology of cancers, evaluating cost-effective screening methods and therapies, providing palliative care options, and supporting clinical research projects.

Patient Care

  • Collaborate with institutions, hospitals, universities, and governments to improve cancer control within an appropriate level of resources.
  • Provide guidance to partners abroad to deepen their knowledge and receive access to Sylvester’s services for a better patient experience and outcome.
  • Facilitate telemedicine options for patients to consult with expert Sylvester physicians while in their home countries
  • Provide an opportunity for international physicians to consult with their peers on second opinions in difficult cases
  • Enable vehicles for international patients to participate in tumor boards
  • Access to the Sylvester Same Day Clinic which allows international patients the opportunity to consult their case in person with a medical professional within the same day

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