Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Where We Work


  • Health economics investigations with the Mexican National Cancer Institute
  • Consulting project with the government of Campeche, Mexico in furthering their cancer care initiatives


  • Collaborating with Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe on educational opportunities
  • Ongoing research projects with the Colombian Ministry of Health in improving their cancer database and developing a national cancer control policy

Costa Rica:

  • Visiting professorship and collaboration with eCancer


  • Signed agreements with the following institutions to develop preceptorships, tumor boards and remote second opinions for increased patient care
    • BP Brazil
    • Porto Alegre – Hospital Conceicao
    • Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre
    • Regional School of Medicine SJRP
    • H. Nsra. Conceicao
  • Ongoing advocacy efforts to improve cancer policy with Brazilian Ministry of Health
  • Visiting lecture tours on cancer control topics for continuing medical education in 6 major cities in Brazil

Dominican Republic

  • Signed agreement with the Instituto Heriberto Pieter to collaborate on continuing education workshops for SCCC physicians to train Dominican doctors


  • Partnership with MoviCancer to research and propose policy to improve gynecological cancer control policies across the nation

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