Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Pap Corps Presents $3 Million to Fund Research at Sylvester


The 20,000 member Papanicolaou Corps for Cancer Research today announced its annual gift to fund cancer research at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. The check for $3 million was presented to W. Jarrard Goodwin, M.D., director of Sylvester at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, part of the University of Miami Health System, and Sylvester Board of Governors Chair Joan Scheiner.

“It gives us great pleasure to present this gift to Sylvester,” said Tutsie Lipkin, president of the Pap Corps. In speaking to the Pap Corps, she noted it had not been an easy year, but the Pap Corps had come through. “Cancer shows no favorites, it takes no holidays, no vacation, no time off. And neither did you.” The Pap Corps is an all-volunteer fundraising group with members spread across the tri-county area that has supported cancer research at the University of Miami for 57 years.

Despite the economic downturn nationwide, the Pap Corps’ membership maintained its enthusiasm and drive over the past year. “We are so grateful to the Pap Corps,” said Dr. Goodwin. “Their dedication and diligence is a constant inspiration to me and everyone working at Sylvester – year after year. Their hard work allows Sylvester scientists to conduct important research and develop treatments that are already saving lives across South Florida.”

The Pap Corps’ ongoing investment provides seed money for physicians and scientists to develop preliminary experimental data needed to successfully apply for operating grants from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the American Cancer Society and other national funding outlets.

To maximize the gift this year, the Pap leadership decided to forego its annual luncheon for the check presentation. The gift was presented at its monthly breakfast meeting with the presidents of all 50 units of the Corps in attendance. The symbolic sacrifice was not lost on Dr. Goodwin who said this year’s gift means even more. During the past seven years alone, the Pap Corps has given Sylvester more than $20 million to fund cancer research.

“The work done by this group of volunteers is truly remarkable. It’s always an inspiration to be with you,” remarked Dr. Goodwin. “One of the miracles of your gift is that it funds brainstorms. Sylvester physicians now see more than 7,000 new cancer patients each year at our Sylvester cancer facilities and Jackson Memorial Hospital, and more than 600 are taking part in clinical trials here in South Florida.” Sylvester recently opened a facility to serve patients in Kendall and is slated to hire several more researchers. Dr. Goodwin added that the growth in the clinics and the Sylvester laboratories is “directly related to the daily dedication and vigilance of the Pap Corps members. Cancer doesn’t take a break during a bad economy, and thankfully, neither does the Pap Corps.”

Scheiner told the group that as a former Sylvester patient, she likes to believe she may well have been saved by Pap Corps-funded research. “On behalf of all those you’ve saved and those waiting to be saved, I thank you.” Scheiner works to “raise awareness of the endless possibilities at Sylvester” and says, “We are truly fortunate to have these volunteers working for us.”

The critical research funded by the Pap Corps has focused on metabolic pathways, tumor vaccines and early clinical trial development for some of the most advanced cases. In addition, the Pap Corps’ donation helps recruit some of the world’s top researchers to advance the mission of Sylvester, South Florida’s only university-based cancer center.

Lipkin recognized the “indomitable spirit” of the volunteers. “This extraordinary group of men and women never see the potential barriers in their mission. They simply stay focused on the goal: fund research and find a cure.”

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