Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Patient Care

As the only university-based cancer center for nearly 300 miles, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center is South Florida’s leader in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to finding a cancer cure have earned us the reputation of a world-class cancer center. That means we provide state-of-the-art treatment as well as excellent follow-up care for more than 4,100 new cancer patients that visit us each year. In addition, we provide more than 305,000 outpatient visits annually at our facilities and conduct more than 2,400 surgeries.

At Sylvester, we apply a targeted, site-based approach to treating cancer. This means that multidisciplinary teams of dedicated, board-certified physicians with expertise studying and treating specific types of cancer (based on the site where the cancer originates in the body) oversee care. With this unique approach, patients receive care from doctors who are not only cancer specialists, but specialists in a particular type of cancer.

Cancer Information

To learn more about a particular disease, please select a type of cancer from the drop-down menu below:

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