Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Medical Records

Medical records can be released only with a signed authorization by the patient or the patient’s representative. An authorization form can be obtained from Medical Records in person or by fax. If records are required for continuing care, they can be sent directly to your provider/facility at no charge. However, if a record is for a third party (other than for continuing care) or for your own keeping, you will be charged $1 per page. There also may be a charge for films and other diagnostic images.

If you would like to obtain your records for personal use, please request an Attachment 19 — Access to Health Information Form. If you wish to have your records sent to a third party, such as an insurance company, family member, or other physician, request an Attachment 46 — Third Party Authorization Form. These HIPAA compliant documents will facilitate access to your records and allow us to better serve you. You must sign and date the forms and provide photo identification for release. Please allow a minimum of three to five days for processing, although some requests may take longer.

If you need further assistance with the forms, you may contact the Department of Health Information Management at 305-243-5272 or the Office of HIPAA Privacy and Security at 305-243-5000 or toll free at 866-366-HUSH (4874).

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