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Project CARE

Project Care

Our History

Project CARE is the first program of its kind to adapt a successful stress management program to meet the needs of South Florida’s diverse black population. This study is important because it seeks to reach women through community-wide outreach and recruitment efforts and to tailor its interventions to the unique needs of black women.

The study is funded through the National Institutes of Health/The National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Our Mission and Goals

The mission of Project CARE is to support the unique needs of black women as they cope, adapt, renew, and empower one another after breast cancer. Our symbol of a water lily, which blooms from the depths of only the muddiest water, is a reminder that grace and beauty can flourish under even the most difficult circumstances.

The project fosters wider partnerships within the community in order to reduce the emotional burdens of breast cancer survivors and to extend the scope of research and treatment.

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