Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Program (FDP) is led by Joseph Rosenblatt, M.D., Associate Director for Faculty Development. The FDP is founded on the idea that junior faculty benefit from specific, content-oriented mentoring to promote scientific and career advancement, and to become the leaders of the next generation of academic researchers and physicians.

The FDP consists of the following:

  • Faculty Mentoring Program
  • Grant Review Panels
  • Junior Faculty Lecture Series
  • Faculty Development Forums

Together these four aspects work to promote scientific excellence within Sylvester and provide junior faculty with the resources and guidance needed to help develop a successful research program.


Each Sylvester junior faculty member will be paired with a senior faculty mentor.

Annually, the junior faculty member, in consultation with his/her mentor, will develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) which will address the following:

  • Scientific goals
  • Research and funding plans for the year
  • Grant submission / Clinical Trials plans and timelines
  • Clinical commitments and protected time
  • Personal APT Cycle and Milestones
  • Sustainability of effort based on available/allocated funds
  • Cancer Burden / Catchment Area
  • Plans for teaching, conferences, travel

Conference/Workshop Travel Grants
As part of the Faculty Mentoring Program, Conference/Workshop Travel Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to those gainfully involved in research, with a funding base and record of publications.

On January 16-17, 2018, SCCC, CFAR, and CTSI will be hosting a
Mentoring Workshop: Building the Next Generation of HIV & Cancer Researchers.
For more information please contact


Prior to Grant Review Panel (GRP) the PI will provide:

  • Initial draft of the grant application
  • Specific Aims, Preliminary Data (concise)
  • Updated Biosketch

Grant Review Panel (GRP) meeting:

  • PI will present and explain: Specific Aims, Research Strategy (Significance, Innovation, Approach)
  • Interactive Discussion/Critique

Grant Review Criteria and Score Sheet (based on NIH scoring criteria) are provided to GRP members and PI to facilitate the review process.


The Sylvester Junior Faculty Lecture Series is scheduled monthly during the Academic Year. The presenter will discuss her/his research for 30 minutes followed by an open discussion for 15 minutes.


The Faculty Development Forum (FDF) consists of:

  • Specific aims, and overview of the PI’s research efforts
  • Research plan, including the PI’s long-term strategy
  • Interactive discussion with the FDF members
  • Separate discussion by Forum members to develop official recommendations


Joseph Rosenblatt, M.D.
Associate Director for Faculty Development
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
William J. Harrington Chair in Hematology
Chief, Division of Hematology

Cynthia Thiry, M.S.
Office of Faculty Development


Other career development opportunities sponsored by the CTSI:

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