Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Genitourinary Malignancies Program

Program Leader(s)

Description of the Program

The Genitourinary Malignancies Program consists of outstanding scientists and physicians who are part of an innovative scientific team focused on studying cancers of the genital and urinary organs. This group of scientists has made it possible for the Cancer Center to develop this research area into a full-fledged program.

The overarching goals of the developing GU Program are to better define patient prognosis and consequent selection of therapy through biomarker discovery and model development, and to implement novel therapeutic targeted approaches based on these discoveries that would be translated into investigator trials.

The GU Program was founded less than 1.5 years ago after the recruitments of Drs. Pollack and Cote. The University of Miami has a relatively large multi-ethnic population of patients with genitourinary malignancies, including prostate, bladder and kidney histologies. The Program has peer-review GU malignancy specific funded member investigators, including basic/translational laboratory investigators and physician scientists.

The members in the Program have considerable expertise in a number of areas ranging from biomarkers to targeted therapy to applications using nanotechnology and to psychosocial issues for patients and their families.

While the interests of the group are broad, main themes have emerged which will facilitate bench to bedside translation and the development of multi-investigator grants.

Goals of the Program

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