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Anthony J. Capobianco, Ph.D.

Anthony J. Capobianco, Ph.D.

Professor of Surgery

Description of Research

Dr. Capobianco's laboratory is directed toward the elucidation of the Notch signaling pathway and how deregulation of this pathway drives cancer. The deregulation of the Notch pathway is common in many human cancers and contributes to properties that guide resistance to therapy and metastasis. Therapeutic targeting of this pathway is a clear objective in the era of precision medicine. Research in his lab is centered on three main projects. The most important project in the lab is the dissection of the biochemical signaling mechanism of Notchic proteins, as this serves as the foundation for his translational projects.

Dr. Capobianco and his colleagues have discovered that Notch exists in the nucleus in a large multi-component transcriptional regulatory complex, and are working to define the role of this complex in Notch signaling. This projects has defined key regulatory mechanisms that guide with the activation and repression of gene expression. Furthermore, information derived from these studies will uncover other draggable targets. A second major area of research is related to the role Notch plays in human cancer. In this regard, Dr. Capobianco’s lab has demonstrated a role for Notch in driving stemless and tumorgenicity in esophageal adenocarcinoma. This cancer has a devastating disease with an increasing incidence and poor outcome. Research from the lab has demonstrated that Notch activity in the cancer underlies resistance to chemotherapy and has led to a clinical trial hypothesis which is currently being evaluated. The third major area of research in the Capobianco lab is focused on the discovery and development of novel notch pathway specific inhibitors and drugs. Currently, the lab has discovered two specific inhibitors of the Notch regulatory complex and is currently developing these inhibitors towards clinical candidates.


  • Dr. Capobianco and his colleagues have discovered that Notch exists in the nucleus in a large multi-component complex, and are working to define the role of this complex in Notch signaling
  • Dr. Capobianco's lab has discovered that Jagged1, in addition to signaling through Notch, can signal via a PDZ-dependent mechanism
  • His studies provide direct evidence that the Notch/DSL signaling pathway is, in fact, bi-directional

Selected Cancer-Related Publications

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