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Charles Carver, Ph.D.

Charles Carver, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Description of Research

Dr. Carver’s cancer-related research activities are in collaboration with Dr. Michael Antoni. He is involved in a project that focuses on isolating the effective ingredient(s) in a group cognitive-behavioral stress management program that was found in previous work to lessen emotional morbidity following surgery for breast cancer. The current step in that research is a study in which relaxation and stress management elements are being tested separately to determine their unique effects. Dr. Carver’s main role in that project is to serve as the project’s expert in psychosocial assessment. In that role he has developed a self-report to assess process variables that are involved in the intervention, and a multi-dimensional measure of social support.


  • Developed a measure termed the “Quality of Life in Adult Cancer Survivors (QLACS).” Since then, another large multi-ethnic sample has been collected using this measure to provide normative data on the experiences of long-term survivors of several cancer types.
  • Investigated a variety of personality differences in reactions to the cancer experience. This includes examining the role of adult attachment patterns in psychosocial adjustment during the year after diagnosis and treatment.
  • Research continues on personality and contextual factors as influences on well-being after cancer treatment. One project involves simultaneously taking advantage of advanced techniques of statistical modeling by examining individuals’ trajectories of recovery over time and whether persons can be grouped into subsets on the basis of similarities in trajectory.
  • Another ongoing project continues to follow participants from an earlier intervention study to determine whether gains experienced due to the intervention are maintained years later. Five year follow-ups of the cohort of greatest interest also continue.

Selected Cancer-Related Publications

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