Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Eric L. Greidinger, M.D.

Eric L. Greidinger, M.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine

Description of Research

Dr. Greidinger’s major research interests include (1) host defense to tumors and autoimmunity, (2) innate immunity defects in cancer and autoimmune disease, (3) viral oncology, and (4) dendritic cell differentiation.

In reference to research interests 1-3 above, Dr. Greidinger has been working collaboratively with Dr. Glen Barber regarding the characterization and clinical relevance of defects in host defense, including defects in STING and other innate immune effectors. This work has included studies of the association of STING deficiencies with viral infections and cell transformation, and assessments of the relevance of STING and related pathways to anti-self/autoimmune responses.

A major focus of his work is to understand the contribution of research interest 4, dendritic cell differentiation to tissue targeting of anti-self immune responses. These studies have relevance to both the induction of autoimmunity and immune surveillance.


  • Description of dendritic cell function in immune targeting to the lung and kidney
  • Assessment of the ability to sustain anti-self responses in STING knockout mice (industry funded project, Co-PI with Dr. Glen Barber)
  • Identification of U1-RNA and TLR3 as a key mediator of UV-induced inflammatory changes in the skin
    • Selected Cancer-Related Publications

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