Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Judith DeLeo Hurley, M.D.

Judith DeLeo Hurley, M.D.

Professor of Clinical Medicine

Description of Research

Dr. Hurley is a clinical researcher, and her research interests include locally advanced breast cancer, neoadjuvant therapy, inflammatory breast cancer, pain control in minority patients, breast cancer in HIV- infected women and the genetics of Bahamian women with breast cancer. As a breast oncologist, Dr. Hurley specializes in locally advanced breast cancer, breast cancer in HIV infected women and breast cancer in pregnant women. Her clinical interests also include neoadjuvant therapy of breast cancer and genetics of underserved breast cancer patients.


  • Dr. Hurley's studies have demonstrated that dramatic disparities by patient race and SES exist in breast cancer.
  • Dr. Hurley discovered that Bahamian women have the highest rate of inherited breast cancer in the world.

  • Selected Cancer-Related Publications

    • Yang R, Cheung MC, Franceschi D, Hurley J, Huang Y, Livingstone AS, Koniaris LG. African-american and low-socioeconomic status patients have a worse prognosis for invasive ductal and lobular breast carcinoma: do screening criteria need to change? J Am Coll Surg 208:853-68, 2009. Read more »

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