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Noella Dietz, Ph.D.

Noella Dietz, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences

Description of Research

Dr. Dietz has extensive experience in the field of tobacco control and program evaluation, as well as in survey research-based cross-sectional and longitudinal study designs. She began working in the field of tobacco control in 2000 working on all phases of the Florida “truth” campaign evaluation as well as the Florida prevention campaign, the Minnesota prevention campaign, the Minnesota cessation campaign, and the Florida prevention and cessation campaign targeting youth, young adults, and adults. Dr. Dietz also assessed the impact of media campaigns on non-targeted populations; that is, how exposure to youth-targeted anti-tobacco advertising influenced adults. Further, Dr. Dietz has worked on studies on SHS exposure issues, including young adults, SHS health effects in worker groups, and as a Co-Investigator examining the prevalence, validation, and health effects of SHS exposure in a population-based sample of nonsmoking adults residing in Florida where hair/saliva samples are collected to verify self-reported SHS exposure as well as identify the appropriate questions to be used in a follow up SHS telephone survey. Dr. Dietz also worked with Dr. Lee on a Team Science project that conducted a comprehensive study of tobacco-associated cancers in the state of Florida. Further, as the PI for an ACS grant and Biomedical Research grant, she was able to use her qualitative skills to assess issues related to smoking cessation. Finally, Dr. Dietz completed a multi-disciplinary research team investigation where the documented burden of tobacco use in the South Florida area led to the development of a community wide smoking cessation intervention targeting a hard to reach population. Dr. Dietz continues to devote her research efforts to the field of tobacco control, program evaluation, and survey research-based studies.


  • Awarded the James and Esther King Biomedical Research Grant for New Investigators by the Florida Department of Health. This award examines the prevalence of tobacco use among youths since the decision to defund the anti-tobacco campaigns in Florida and Minnesota.
  • Awarded an ACS Pilot Grant which examined relationship dynamics and how those factors affected women’s smoking cessation and relapse.
  • Involved in the Team Science Biomedical Research Grant, led by David J. Lee, Ph.D., examining tobacco use in Florida for youth and adults, to increase early detection and to initiate improved treatment for Floridians who have been diagnosed with tobacco related cancers.
  • Acts as co-investigator on the Flight Attendant Medical Research grants with Dr. Lee examining worker health as it relates to secondhand smoke exposure.
  • Assess the prevalence of smoking behaviors among youth, young adults, and adult populations in Florida.
  • Examine adults and youth and their ability or inability to successfully quit smoking.

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