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Stefan Gluck, M.D., Ph.D.

Stefan Gluck, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine

Description of Research

Dr. Glück’s research interests include all aspects of clinical trials and translational research: Phase I, II and III studies, impact of participation in clinical trials, ethnic diversity in outcome, participation, side effects and behavioral projects. In collaboration with basic scientists, his expertise is to identify druggable targets and bring those into early clinical research. Within his team he was able to show differences in a variety of ethnic groups as we see them in Miami area of tumor composition including immunocompetent cellularity. Particular focus is investigating a specific, aggressive group of breast cancers, “triple negative breast cancer” with its at least 7 different subsets. A number of clinical trials and research projects are underway. Two of such rivals are in collaboration with Nobel Price Laureates, and additional studies with industry. This is particularly exciting, since in the past, no promising approaches other than chemotherapy were available for patients with such triple negative tumors.


  • Most recently, Dr. Gluck and his team were able to show that molecular profiling in breast cancer leads to more precise prognosis of long term outcomes and also has predictive power to utilize specific drugs and compounds in early breast cancer tailored to the needs of individual patients; This approach is now recognized as “precision” or “personalized medicine”.

Selected Cancer-Related Publications

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