Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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The Bioinformatics component of the core provides analytical expertise on biological data. The main aim of the bioinformatics area is to incorporate aspects of high-throughput and high-performance computing with knowledge discovery approaches through application of sound statistical methods.


• Experiment design for high-throughput genomic studies
• Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis including RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Exome/Whole Genome Sequencing and other NGS technologies
• Pathway/Gene Set Enrichment Analysis and Gene Network analysis
• Genomic data integration using public database such as TCGA and GEO
• Bioinformatics new methodology and algorithm development
• Bioinformatics software development including Bioconductor/R package and web-based software

The Bioinformatics Division works in collaboration with the Oncogenomics Core.

To request support from the BBC, complete the Investigator Request for Statistical and BioinformaticsForm

and submit by clicking the “Submit” button on the form or email the form to click here:

To inquire about or request services from the Bioinformatics Division, please contact our Core Administrator, Lola Sumner by phone at 305-243-3957 or via email at Please include a completed Bioinformatics Request Form.

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