Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Bioinformatics Resources

The Bioinformatics Division offers the following technologies:

  • GeneSpring GX
  • MataCore from GeneGo
  • Genomatix Promoter Inspector
  • TIBCO Spotfire
  • IBM eserver 1350 cluster, and IBM p-575 cluster, are available for data analysis
  • R tools & Bioconductor (optimized for clusters)
  • Matlab
  • NCBI Toolkit
  • RealTime StatMiner ®
  • 5040-core Linux Xeon/X86_64 Computational Cluster

Typical Analysis

Quality Control

Sample clustering
  • Correlation Plots and Correlation Coefficients
  • PCA plot
  • Expression Filtering profile plot

Statistical Analysis

List of Differentially Expressed genes (probes) between the requested treatment comparisons

Fold Change

List of genes (probes) that pass the fold change threshold between the requested comparisons

Gene Ontology Analysis

Pathway Analysis

  • KEGG analysis
  • GeneGO analysis


Bioinformatics works in collaboration with the Onco-Genomics Shared Resource.

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