Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Disparities & Community Outreach Resources

The Disparities and Community Outreach Core offices are located in the Clinical Research Building on the University of Miami Medical Campus. They have a variety of computer and electronic technologies, including software for qualitative and quantitative data entry and statistical analysis, and digital recording equipment for interviews and focus groups. The Core can provide county-level incidence, mortality and stage of disease data from the Florida Cancer Data System (FCDS), Florida’s statewide central registry. They can also provide other aggregated data from FCDS for research planning, for which they have approval from the Florida Department of Health’s Institutional Review Board. To describe the demographics and health status of geographic areas or specific populations, the Core can compile Internet-based data from the United States Census Bureau, the American Community Survey, and other national data sources. For studies that require transcription or translation services or large-scale telephone surveys, mail surveys or data entry, the Core can coordinate subcontracts for those services.

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