Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Post-Award (Fee-Based) Services

Campus-Community Partnership Services

  • Publicize and promote research projects through the core’s CLB, CABs, and other community networks
  • Identify venues and community partners for recruitment or as research venues
  • Negotiate subcontracts and Memorandum of Understanding between UM and community partners for recruitment or as research venues
  • Plan and coordinate recruitment and retention logistics, including distribution of participant incentives
  • Monitor activities of community health workers hired for specific studies, in conjunction with community organizations involved in the study, to ensure adherence to study methods
  • Facilitate and maintain the study logistics, in accordance with principles of Community-Based Participatory Research where appropriate
  • Disseminate findings to the community

Data Services

  • Translate documents used in research (such as informed consent forms and questionnaires) from English to Spanish and Creole
  • Provide mixed methodology data services for both quantitative and qualitative data collection
  • Manage and organize focus group and individual interviews
  • Develop databases for collecting and entering study data, in compliance with confidentiality requirements
  • Train and supervise data entry personnel, monitor and conduct quality control checks, and prepare data for analysis

Study Materials Development

  • Help develop study materials such as promotional and recruitment material, pre-screening questions, consent forms, survey instruments, and focus group questions
  • Develop study materials that are culturally, linguistically, and literacy-level appropriate for the study population
  • Arrange for IRB-approved translations of study materials into Spanish, Haitian Kreole and other languages
  • Obtain input on study materials through pre-testing methodologies using individual interviews or group settings (focus groups)

Training and Education

  • Plan, conduct and evaluate training for faculty, staff and community workers related to Community-Based Participatory Research, cancer and health disparities, cultural competency, and related topics
  • Provide training for multi-lingual community workers (e.g., Spanish, Haitian Kreole) on research methods, ethics of research and informed consent, data collection, interviewing, and other related topics
  • Conduct training on evidence-based planning, specific cancer topics, and clinical trials, modifying National Cancer Institute materials to meet the needs of the specific study and population

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