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Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource at Sylvester provides researchers with sophisticated methods for the analysis and preparative sorting of both normal and tumor cells. The facility helps researchers measure apoptosis, gene expression, drug metabolism, immune responses, and pathways of cellular activation, both normal and tumor-related.

The core maintains instruments, computer work-stations for data analysis, and related equipment to support scientists affiliated with Sylvester’s multidisciplinary research programs, as well as researchers in a wide variety of cancer-related research projects.

The facility also provides training to investigators in flow cytometric applications and cell sorting technologies.

In Development

In order continually to improve the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource and the services being offered, the following areas are under consideration and/or development:

  • Relocation of the entire facility to a significantly larger and purpose-built new space, located on the seventh floor of the Rosenstiel building, from the current location on the third floor. Renovations to the new space are currently in progress, estimated completion: early 2016.
  • Modernization of the technology, and replacement of aging, unreliable instruments. For instance, the recent Bankhead-Coley shared instrument grant-funded installation of a custom-built LSR-Fortessa-HTS five laser analytical flow cytometer. The LSR-II has received a performance enhancement up-grade, replacing an unserviceable old U.V. laser with a new custom-built red + green twin laser engine. The antiquated LSR-I analyser has been replaced with a new, three laser FACS Canto-II instrument. The old Aria-I cell sorter has been replaced with the previously shared SORP Aria-II. The MoFlo XDP sorter has been taken out of service.
  • Online and software enhancements, including our new website-based scheduling system (soon to be migrated to the new Ilabs software suite) and FlowJo data analysis software.
  • Using our additional trained personnel, to provide on-demand extended hours of operation, with staggered shifts, as required.
  • Provision of a dedicated central computer server for off-line storage and archiving of data.
  • Promoting greater use of the available technology, such as using extended combinations of multiple fluorochromes, BSL-2 sorting, flow cloning, etc.
  • Keeping abreast of new technology in the area of fluorescent dyes and other applications, by sponsoring appropriate presentations in flow cytometry by eg. BD, BCI and other leaders in the field.
  • Continually informing researchers of any new information, protocols and applications, with our regular seminar and work-shop series, as well as by regular e-mail updates, plus posts of such information on this section of the Sylvester website and announcements in the on-line instrument reservation system.
  • Providing further training in flow cytometer use and data analysis, to promote independent use of the core’s instruments, as well as to facilitate better user application of flow cytometry data.

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Mailing Address

Rosenstiel Medical Sciences Building
1600 N.W. 10 Avenue
Room 7147, Locator R-127
Miami, FL 33136

Physical Address

Rosenstiel Medical Sciences Building
1600 N.W. 10 Avenue
Room 7147
Miami, FL 33136

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