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Non-Therapeutic Research Support Core

The Non-Therapeutic Research Support Core (NRS Core) provides support to Cancer Center investigators who are conducting clinical research in the areas of cancer prevention, cancer control, and other non-therapeutic oncology projects.

The main goal of this Shared Resource is to assist Cancer Center Members by:

Providing direct research support services to non-therapeutic research projects

  • Identifying, screening, and recruiting participants into trials
  • Obtaining informed consent and enrolling participants onto a trial
  • Performing psychosocial, psychiatric, or neurocognitive assessments of enrolled participants
  • Distributing research-based questionnaires and surveys
  • Facilitating interventions per research protocol
  • And much more… contact the Core for more information

Providing guidance during study design

  • Assist investigators in choosing measures, scales, and assessments from bank of validated measures
  • Providing resources on state-of-the-art technologies for data collection (such as computerized adaptive testing, scannable data collection forms, web-based assessments)
  • Help investigators create new scales to measure important variables
  • Designing data collection strategies

Providing state-of-the-art participant tracking and accruals management to the institution

  • As a Cancer Center, we are dedicated to making high quality research trials available to patients, caregivers, survivors, and individuals who are at-risk for cancer
  • The Core maintains a compendium of all non-therapeutic research that is being conducted by Cancer Center Members and affiliates

Augmenting training in the conduct of non-therapeutic trials for investigators and staff

  • New research staff members (and existing staff too) benefit from seminars and one-on-one discussions with skilled researchers regarding best practices, navigating the system, how to be maximally effective, time efficiency, and the nuances of conducting cancer research

Serving as a liaison between Cancer Center investigators and other administrative units within the University as a whole

  • With many administrative units and divisions, it is easy for an investigator or research coordinator to know where to go for information or to solve a problem. Our staff will point you in the right direction

The mission of the NRS Core is to provide support to investigators conducting non-therapeutic research at the Cancer Center by providing direct research support services and maintaining a research accruals database of non-therapeutic trials at the institution.

What is Non-Therapeutic Clinical Research?
The term “Therapeutic” refers to studies that employ investigational or FDA-approved agents, drugs, or devices and whose main focus is on curing disease. “Non-therapeutic research”, on the other hand, focuses on either (a) interventions (that may be designed to improve quality of life, reduce symptoms, enhance health behaviors and other important outcomes) or (b) observational, correlational research (that may be designed to understand patterns of cancer incidence, health disparities, and other important topics). The NRS Core specializes in working with researchers who conduct trials in the categories of cancer prevention, biobehavioral oncology, supportive care, decision-making, cancer-related communication, caregiver needs, and social science research, to name a few.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the NRS Core or would like to receive a free consultation from our Core Manager and/or Core Co-Directors.

Phone: 305-243-3329

Physical Address:
Clinical Research Building, 14th Floor
1120 NW 14 Street, Miami, FL 33136

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