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IVIS Small Animal Imaging

The Caliper/Xenogen IVISĀ® SPECTRUM provides the capability for real time, noninvasive visualization of specific molecular targets, pathways and physiological effects, such as oncogenic transformation using bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging. This system is the only equipment with single cell sensitivity for in vitro use, including an integrated fluorescence system with a 10 narrow band excitation filters and 18 narrow band emission filter that assist in significantly reducing autofluorescence, the use of spectral unmixing algorithms, a laser scanner for 3D surface topography, the capability to use trans-illumination or epi-illumination, and a square back CCD that is cooled to -105o C to minimize electronic background and maximize sensitivity. The equipment comes with Living Image software 4.0, an advanced imaging analysis program that makes this equipment one of the most advanced imaging systems available. The instrument is a high-sensitivity, low noise, in vivo imaging technology platform that allows non-invasive visualization and tracking of cellular and genetic activity within a living organism (mouse), in real time.


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