Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Other Oncogenomics Services

Assay Design and Optimization

Following platform selection, the core’s staff will design and develop the assay to be used. Project leaders are involved throughout the entire tool development process, including:

  • Target analysis
  • Alignment and identification of strain or hypervariable regions
  • Ranked primer and probe design
  • Procurement of critical materials including controls
  • Assay optimization to meet investigator’s parameters
  • Software support (including results analysis and reporting format)

Biomarker and Assay Validation

The core is equipped to perform validation of molecular assays and candidate biomarkers. The core composes the validation protocol, and, in collaboration with the Biostatistics Core, outlines the required sample types, numbers of samples, and budget. All validated assays become part of the Oncogenomics Assay Menu for all investigators to access for future projects.

Biomarker Characterization

During the course of investigations, common biomarkers may have altered function or expression. Using universal sequencing technology, the core can rapidly sequence key biomarkers or related genetic sequences for mutations or alterations. Upon verification, these findings can be incorporated into current assays or developed into novel molecular tools.

Standard Testing Menu

A standard testing menu is available for investigators to use, saving them time and money. These assays are available for the various technology platforms and are provided by industry partners or collaborating centers. All assays (by batch) on the menu undergo independent validation by the core as part of the quality control process. All validation data are available for investigator review prior to project implementation.

Standardized RNA and DNA Purification

Using robotics and validated sample preparation chemistries, the core can process basic and clinical research samples for RNA and DNA extraction, including FFPE. By using standardized, validated procedures, the level of quality and consistency of nucleic acid isolation is consistent across experiments and projects.

Data Analysis and Publication Preparation

Data analysis and summaries are available for investigators to incorporate into grant submission, oral/poster presentations, as well as peer-reviewed journal articles.

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