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The nCounter® Analysis System is ideally suited to study defined gene sets in a large sample set, e.g. validation of microarray experiments or specific expression signatures. The technology is based on direct, multiplexed measurement of gene expression without amplification, utilizing molecular barcodes and single molecule imaging to identify and count hundreds of transcripts in a single reaction.


Nanostring nCounter Gene Expression Analysis System
nCounter Prep Station is the automated fluidic handling component of the nCounter Analysis System. It processes samples post-hybridization to prepare them for data collection on the nCounter Digital Analyzer. Prior to placing samples on the Prep Station, samples need to be hybridized according to the nCounter protocol. On the deck of the Prep Station, hybridized samples are purified and subsequently immobilized in the sample cartridge for data collection.

nCounter Digital Analyzer collects data by taking images of the immobilized fluorescent reporters in the sample cartridge with a CCD camera through a microscope objective lens. Images are processed internally and the results are exported as a .csv file.

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