Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Tumor Bank Core Facility

The Tumor Bank Core Facility (TBCF) is designed to facilitate translational cancer research by procuring and banking diseased and normal control tissues, with the associated clinical data, for all UM investigators and Sylvester Members.

The goal of the TBCF is to streamline and standardize specimen collections by providing and following standard operating procedures for patient consenting, protection and privacy of patient personal and clinical data, specimen procurement and processing, quality control of specimens, secured specimen storage, retrieval, distribution and provision of relevant de-identified clinical data.

The TBCF is approved by the University of Miami Human Subjects Research Office (HSRO) and was awarded an NIH Certificate of Confidentiality on 5/1/2007. The Certificate of Confidentiality allows the TBCF to refuse to disclose identifying information on research participants in any civil, criminal, administrative, legislative, or other proceeding, whether at the federal, state, or local level. All personally identifiable information maintained about participants enrolled in the TBCF while the Certificate is in effect, is protected in perpetuity.

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Contact the Tumor Bank Core Facility

For all inquiries, email us at or call us directly at (305) 243-6777.




Physical Address

Fox Cancer Research Building
1550 N.W.10th Avenue
Room 436
Miami, Fl 33136

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