Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Biospecimen Management Shared Resource

Tissue Collection and TMA/Pathology Services

We provide quality human tumor tissue and normal (non-tumor) human tissue specimens from either our previously banked collection or prospectively for PI directed research projects. We have facilities to store specimens at -80˚C in OCT (Optimal Cutting Temperature) medium and RNA later; in LN2 as flash frozen; and as FFPE blocks. Associated blood specimens are available for the majority of our collections.


The Biospecimen Management Shared Resource (BMSR) collects and banks tissue and paired clinical data from UM/JMH complex for investigators with IRB approval. The TBCF manager oversees daily activities, compliance, regulations and scheduling and provides an interface with PIs to coordinate data and tissue acquisition. The manager is assisted by four support staff, including two pathology assistants who are responsible for tissue acquisition and frozen section analysis following resection. Tumor Bank employees share responsibilities for consenting patients, tissue inventory, data entry, and general maintenance of the facility.


Tissue Collection: Investigators who wish to utilize tumor tissue and data from the bank must provide the IRB approval or IRB exemption letter for the project; a copy of the IRB application; the linked forms; and an account number. De-identified tissue samples and the appropriate clinical history are then obtained for the investigator per their research requirements.

Tissue Micro Arrays and Pathology Consulting: Dr. Burcu Ergonul is responsible for TMA construction from either BMSR banked FFPE specimens or PI supplied blocks (human or animal). She is also available to discuss tissue staining requirements and to read stained specimen slides.

Collecting for your study: For those investigators who are interested in having us collect fresh tissue and/or blood for your IRB-approved study same day distribution can be arranged. We are equipped and approved to consent in clinic, pre-op, and post-operatively (if necessary). Although we can consent post-op only consented tissue can be released. For PI directed specimen collection we request that a member of your research group advise us of the location, patient name, MRN and scheduled time of surgery at least a day in advance Please note that all tissue collected through the bank is available to all investigators. Tissue collected for a specific study is made available with the permission of the PI.

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Contact the BMSR

For all inquiries, email us at or call us directly at (305) 243-6777.




Physical Address

Fox Cancer Research Building
1550 N.W.10th Avenue
Room 436
Miami, Fl 33136

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