Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Tissue Bank Services

We provide quality human tumor tissue samples and normal (non-tumor) human tissue samples. The majority of these specimens are maintained at -80˚C in OCT (Optimal Cutting Temperature) medium. Associated blood specimens are available for the majority of our collections. We also collect human tumor and non-tumor tissue samples in FFPE. We will work with investigators to accommodate special requests for prospective human tissue collections.

We currently have tissue encompassing the following site-disease groups:

Note: Please click links below to view lists of specimens currently available to investigators

To request samples from the TBCF, please fill out the Tissue Request Form (downloadable from the Documents tab). This form allows the bank to determine if we have the samples you need for your protocol. If the TBCF does NOT have the specimens you requested, then we will set up a time to discuss procedures for prospective tissue collection.

If the TBCF DOES have the specimens you have requested, then you will need to complete a Tissue Request Proposal (see Documents tab), which will be subject to review by our Tissue Adjudication Committee.

Tissue Request Requirements:

1. Investigators must submit the TBCF Tissue Request Form so that the TBCF can determine whether the specimens requested are available
2. A quote will be provided to the investigator based on the request
3. If specimens are available the investigator must submit the following documents:

  • A copy (pdf) of the IRB protocol or IRB exemption application
  • A copy (pdf) of the IRB approval OR exemption letter
  • A formal proposal using the TBCF Tissue Request Proposal
  • Indication of Means of Payment for Samples provided

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