Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Transgenic Animal Shared Resource

The Transgenic Animal Core Facility at Sylvester uses powerful transgenic/gene knockout technologies to study the function of genes in vivo. The core produces transgenic mice and targeted-mutant mice. It provides experimental design and support for investigators using this technology to apply to their research. Genetically modified mouse models are essential tools for a variety of cancer-related research projects.

Transgenic mice are produced by injecting one-cell embryos with foreign DNA, resulting in the random integration of genes into the mouse genome. Alternatively, targeted-mutant mice (also known as “knockout” and/or “knockin” mice) are produced by injecting mouse blastocyst with pluripotent embryonic stem (ES) cells, whose DNA has undergone homologous recombination with exogenous DNA, resulting in targeted changes at specific loci.

Conditional knock-outs are being generated using C57BL/6 derived ES cell and isogenic genomic DNA incorporating cre/loxP and frt/flp recombinase systems.

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