Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Mouse Embryo Manipulation

This element of the procedure handles all aspects of embryo production and manipulation required to produce transgenic or gene targeted mice. For transgenic mice, investigators prepares the DNA construct for microinjection and screens the resulting pups for necessary transgenic DNA. For gene targeted mice, investigators can either provide ES cells for microinjection, or the ES cells with the targeting event can be prepared by the Core. Upon maturation, transgenic or chimeric offspring are transferred to investigators for their studies.

The following services form integral part of the transgenic protocol:

  • Set up breeding of donor and recipient mice and subsequently check plugs to confirm mating
  • Inject donor mice with hormones for superovulation
  • Collect fertilized oocytes or blastocysts
  • Microinject pre-implantation embryos or blastocysts with DNA or ES cells, respectively
  • Perform microsurgery on pseudopregnant mice to re-implant embryos or blastocysts
  • Provide investigators with tail biopsy to screen mice for transgenic or a gene targeting event

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