Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Exercise Oncology

Led by Dr. Stacy Cutrono, Exercise Oncology at Sylvester provides patients an opportunity to develop practical ways of adopting a healthier, active lifestyle both during and after treatment. All exercise recommendations are individualized and tailored to patient’s diagnosis, course of treatment, overall lifestyle and wellness goals.

Research has increasingly shown that regular physical activity is a critical component of cancer survivorship. There are many benefits of engaging in daily activity.

Benefits of Physical Activity

  • Improve weight management
  • Improve endurance and physical functioning
  • Reduce cancer related-fatigue
  • Reduce treatment related deconditioning
  • Improve strength and lean body mass
  • Reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms

Exercise Oncology Services

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Referrals to Exercise Oncology can be made for any patients who are interested in starting an exercise program or are currently sedentary, overweight/obese, or experiencing fatigue.

To schedule a service with Exercise Oncology please call 305-243-2974.

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