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Privately donated funds are essential to the success of the University of Miami Brain Tumor Initiative. The federal government considers brain cancer an “orphan disease,” because it causes just two percent of all cancer deaths each year, but each year 35,000 Americans are diagnosed with a primary brain tumor. While the diagnosis directly and irrevocably impacts patients and their families, brain cancer research is simply inadequately funded by federal grants. In short, we need your help.

Your philanthropic support brings hope into the lives of patients suffering from brain cancer. The Miami Brain Tumor Initiative brings this dream of a cure for brain cancer so much closer to reality. We appreciate your generosity and help. To make a donation: click here.

If you would like to send a donation by mail, please write the checks made payable to:


Please have all checks mailed to:
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Department of Neurological Surgery
Attention: Earl Wagner/Finance
1095 NW 14th Terrace, (D4-6)
Lois Pope Life Center, Room 2-19
Miami, FL 33136

Thank you very much for the contributions that sustain our much needed Brain Tumor Research efforts.

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