Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Translational Research


Some of the most common forms of brain cancer are the most malignant. A cure for these types of brain tumors remains elusive, the prognosis grim, and unfortunately for the patients and their families, the current treatment is almost entirely palliative. It is our passion and responsibility to find a cure for brain cancer.

Since most brain tumors are genetically different, understanding the genetics and drug sensitivity of each individual brain tumor surgically removed from the patient and isolated is crucial to personalized therapy. Based on the information attained from these studies, combination therapies and clinical trials will be initiated to provide individualized patient care. This approach is innovative and revolutionary since it provides rapid analysis of a particular patient’s drug sensitivity, which directly translates into therapeutic treatment plans and results.

Our translational research laboratory is led by our excellent team of investigators.

Meet our team

Regina Graham PhD -Director of the UM Brain Tumor Core Laboratory

Amade Bregy MD PhD -Co-Director of Translational Research

Ashish H. Shah BS -Co-Director of Translational Research

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